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Hunting Seasons 1 - 8

When I first started life as a young lad eager to serve the shamen 'o justice, I hunted in the areas where most all young barbarians hunt, the peaks 'o Everfrost.  It was here in this frozen land that I made my mark with the wolves 'o the north huntin' ice goblins and turnin' their necklaces into Lysbith McNaff.  To be sure, I was glad to help my fellow shamen in any way possible as well.  I often went out into Everfrost to collect fungus for Waltor Felligan.  I also accumulated a fair amount 'o patchwork and tattered armor by givin' Cindl several polar bear hides.  I must admit, that Cindl's armor was indeed good protection from the cold, but a good friend 'o mine by the name 'o Llanir made me a full set 'o banded armor that I proudly wore from my third huntin' season on.

By the end 'o me fifth huntin' season, I was ready to leave the chill 'o Everfrost behind.  It was around this time that I began runnin' errands fer Jinkus Felligan.  I kept him updated upon the situation 'o those traitorous barbarians that the bank guards 'o Qeynos had been keepin' tabs on.  I was rewarded an Initiate's Symbol 'o the Tribunal fer my effort, which I still wear to this day to show my devotion to the Tribunal.  After returnin' the wanted poster ta Jinkus, I decide now would be a good time ta aid Dargon McPherson o' the Wolves 'o the North.  I took an elixir around to several 'o the young warriors wanderin' around the gullies and tundra 'o Everfrost.  Still, these menial tasks drove me further away from the isolation 'o my brethren in Halas.  It was at this time that I ventured into Blackburrow with the intent to rid the upper levels of the savage gnolls who lived there.  I became skilled in the use of the magic hammer granted me by the Tribunal.  I also honed my skills in the magical arts of evocation here.

By my eighth season 'o huntin' gnolls, I decided it was time to return to Everfrost.  There was a menace wanderin' the valleys o' the Everfrost peaks.  Vengeful beings who were said to be bards prior to their damnation.  And so it was that I set out with the intent to set these tortured souls to rest.  Many leagues ahead 'o me these former musicians were, but ultimately my skill with me hammer and my growing mastery 'o evocation brought them to peace.  Upon reading the manuscripts I found upon the bones 'o these bardic demons, I was reminded 'o a human who spent many 'o her days drownin' her sorrows in one 'o the taverns 'o Halas.  I learned her name, Thadres Thyme, and upon giving her these pages she was generous enough to give me some books on brewing.  I have yet to make use 'o these tomes, especially considerin' that she says they drove her brother insane.....

My meeting with Farrin

It was at this time that I met my traveling companion, Farrin.  This man was a wandering Erudite enchanter.  I met him in one of his trips up to Halas.  We shared a few good stories, and I must admit that this man's tales 'o travelin' from one end 'o Antonica to the other intrigued me.  He assured me that most 'o the places he had been to on his way to Freeport would have been certain death for him if not for the fact that the majority of the hostile inhabitants 'o those lands could not see an invisible erudite runnin' amongst them.  He invited me to journey to Qeynos with him.  I had only been to Qeynos briefly, to speak with the bank guards, but I felt that this would be a good opportunity for me to see more 'o the world.  While in Qeynos, I learned 'o corruption amongst some 'o the guardsmen and a lingering rogue presence in the city.  Being still yet a young shaman, I decided to play it cautious and not anger these people to violence.  However, I did not have to abide their scum, and avoided them at all costs.

The lure 'o treasure took both 'o us back down into Blackburrow.  We ventured further into the twisted catacombs and found an area 'o gnoll guardsmen that we lay waste to.  Our combined magiks were too much fer the simple minded gnolls to withstand and soon Farrin and myself easily had gone up through our tenth huntin' seasons.  To top it off, we made a decent amount 'o platinum to go with our experiences.  I myself had decided to practice the magical arts 'o conjuration at this time as well.  We both decided that after much bloodshed, it was time to relax and enjoy the simpler things in life.

While our goals 'o relaxin' were the same, I don't believe Farrin and myself can see eye ta eye on what simple means.  While I went fishing in Halas, Farrin began practicin' his trade skill 'o jewelcraft.  While he did this, I decided to go fishin' in other areas around Qeynos as well.  I found that the Thunder Salmon 'o the Karanas and the Greengill Salmon 'o Farrin's native Toxxulia forest would fetch me a good more silver than the fish found elsewhere in this area 'o the world.  I also found that while fishing, I had the perfect opportunity to improve upon me magical skills in abjuration and conjuration which had been languishing behind my alteration and evocation skills.

Eventually, the lure 'o adventure drew us away from our chosen forms 'o relaxation.  However, we had both seen and killed many a gnoll of Blackburrow and jointly we decided to rid the world 'o other forms of lawless beings.  Together with Farrin's invisibility spell and my granting of the Spirit 'o the Wolf, we quickly traveled to East Karana.  On our way there I could see why Farrin relied on that spell 'o his.  There were many creatures who could easily destroy us without so much as breaking a sweat wandering through North and East Karana.  When we reached the mountain pass leading to Highhold Pass, I saw the first forms of heresy to the ways 'o me kin.  Several barbarians had taken up a 'profession' 'o preyin' on those who traveled along this pass.  In a fit 'o righteous fury, I smote down every highwayman and bandit upon this trail that I could see.  Before long, Farrin and myself became overburdened with the loot from these unsavory people.  We could either travel back to Qeynos to sell our wares, which would not be a challenge for magic usin' individuals of our status mind you, or venture to Highpass Keep.  We chose the later as it would allow us a convenient area from which we could wage our battle against these brigands in the future.

And so we traveled to Highpass Keep.  Here is where mine and Farrin's story truly began.  This was the beginning of our eleventh hunting season and all around us danger lurked.  Yet with this danger comes great reward and the opportunity for me to bring justice to the evils that press down upon us...