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December 24, 2000

This was quite a successful weekend fer me and Farrin.  We had such good luck this time because we went out ta Erud's Crossing.  While we were out there, we hunted down wisps so that we could gather up their lightstones and, if we were lucky, their greater lightstones.  Well, we were quite fortunate to accumulate a good many 'o the lightstones from them wisps, but our luck didn't end there!  We also teamed up with a lass by the name 'o Judi who was also an enchanter.  Together we fought off the zombie sailors that had plagued the area.  Oh, I also think I did a decent job 'o 'tanking' as some would call it.  Our fights with the zombies were a bit on the rough side until Farrin started ta learn his next circle 'o spells.  With that charm spell 'o his our fights weren't three on three as before, but rather four on two.  Pretty good odds I'd say.

With those lightstones in hand, we traveled out to North Karana.  Of course we did this under the veil 'o Farrin's invisibility spell.  There at the gypsy camp, we gave them lightstones to a lass by the name 'o Mrysila.  She gave Farrin some stuff ta help him research his spells.  He figured he didn't need the stuff yet, so he sold it off to one 'o the gypsies there.  I don't know if that was the wisest move in the world since Mysila said it was ta help aid him in discoverin' spells, but what do I know?  I'm no enchanter, that's fer certain.  What I do know is that we made quite a good bit 'o money offa sellin' that stuff back to the gypsies.  I'd say things slowed down a bit towards the end 'o this weekend though.  However, we did reach our 13th huntin' season while huntin' wisps and helpin' ta clear the island 'o its zombie infestation.  Farrin also reports that he seen some ogre wearin' red armor callin' himself Santug Claugg.  He says that this ogre was goin' round givin' gifts ta people that had been good.  Sure, I'll believe it when I see it.  Heh. 

December 18, 2000

Well, me an' Farrin hit quite a lull this 'ere weekend.  It was not a very profitable weekend, nor was it a particulary pleasant learnin' experience.  I wouldn't say it was a BAD learning experience.  We did learn quite alot.  First, Runnyeye Citadel is not that good a huntin' place fer those of us in our eleventh hunting season.  The majority 'o the gobbos on the upper level are too weak to train yer abilities on and they don't provide ye with good loot either.  The next major problem with 'ole Runnyeye is that if ye go further down into the dungeon, the gobbo shamans and dazed goblin guards will rip ye apart.  Quite an unpleasant experience if I do say so myself.

Next up on the list of huntin' possibilities we headed ta the Gorge 'o King Xorbb.  I'm sure that anybody who's ever passed through here may think me an' Farrin insane fer even considerin' huntin' here, but hear me out.  I think the majority 'o our problems here was due to the fact that we were pullin' from the wrong areas.  We were huntin' those Muddite minors usually near the entrance to Runnyeye.  Farrin really thought these were good huntin' due to the fact that they occasionally dropped gems that 'e could use in his trade 'o jewelcraft.  Me, I figured I may eventually put them blocks 'o clay ta use in pottery.  Who knows.  As fer the area, we'd usually head a small ways in and have some success at takin' the muddites out one at a time, but if we headed in too far, as was often the case, we'd get jumped by two or more 'o the stout critters thus forcin' us ta retreat.  I figure once Farrin gets to his next circle 'o spells maybe we'll come back here.  And when we do come back, we'll be pullin' from the entrance 'o East Karana.  Seems there are a good number 'o muddites on that side, yet not so much that we'd get overwhelmed or have difficulty retreatin'.  'Course, that's assumin' we don't get trained by somebody bein' chased by King Xorbb an' his minotaur lords.  Thanks Aerondil!  Heh.

Finally our third choice 'o areas ta hunt.  Seein' as how we had had good luck bringin' the highwaymen 'o East Karana ta justice, we'd figure we'd try our hand out in West Karana.  This area was somewhat more profitable, but only marginally so.  We had the uncanny luck 'o always been jumped by multiple bandits on return patrols when at the bandit camp near North Karana, thus causin' us some serious pain ta say the least.  Still wantin' ta rid the Karanas 'o bandits, we teamed with a number 'o people ta end the threat 'o the bandits in the barn near Qeynos Hills.  This worked fer a small while, but eventually me an' Farrin moved on due to the relatively poorly planned execution of any sort 'o battle plan on the leader's part.  To her credit, it seemed that many people just took matters into their own hands.  If we had let Farrin just soothe the majority 'o bandits, our odds woulda been five 'o us ta one or two bandits at a time.  Instead, it was usually us gettin' ganged up on by at least four or five bandits at a time.  Throw in those damnable druid bandits, and there were many times where I sat starin' at my spell book fer quite some time just so I could heal us of our wounds.

I guess I should mention that we spent a small amount 'o time in Blackburrow again, but we ran inta much the same problem there as in Runnyeye, so we didn't stay long at all.  Besides, I was gettin' tired of starin' at gnolls.  If I go huntin' gnolls again, it'll probably be out in Highhold pass.  And that'll be much further down the road I kin assure ye.  We ended a relatively dismal weekend early by turnin' in some bandit sashes to Chesgard Sydwen out in the House 'o Thunder.  We got some good weapons and armor from him that sold well at least.  Ye may be askin' yerself, 'Jeez Kgurorf, I thought you said it wasn't a completely bad experience.  Sure doesn't sound that way ta me!'  As I said, we made some decent money sellin' those bronze weapons and what not.  We also learned that the Gorge may be a pretty good area ta hunt later in life.  And finally, we learned it absolutely necessary ta team with other people when huntin' those lawless bandits out in the Karanas.  But better than just team with others, make sure ye have a well rounded group with a solid battle plan laid out early.  Our group was made up entirely 'o healers and casters!  I'd hardly say that was well rounded.  Heh.  So as ye can see, it was a learnin' experience ta say the least.  Oh, and Aerondil, if ye read this, I'm not mad at ye.  I just thought that was a funny way 'o greetin' me after not seein' each other in quite some time!